The Patriots Roster…

Free agency started like a whirlwind for most teams and before you knew it, the draft was upon us. We’ve picked up some decent players in both and I’ve got a feeling Coach Belicheck is not done yet. Pass-rush hasn’t really been addressed yet and it’s my opinion that is where we’ll see some activity before our first game against the Texans.

Some smart acquisitions like Cordarrelle Paterson to replace Amendola as special teams returner and Danny Shelton to beef up the defensive line.

The draft is always an exciting time for all but with no 3rd and 4th round picks, smart choices had to be made early on. Isaiah Wynn was announced as a tackle and between him and Trent Brown, should fill the void left by Nate Solder’s departure to NYC. I’m not a Mock Draft person but I do see who people have at the top of their lists in each respective position and with Wynn being the number one OL on the board it was a great pick at number 23. To get the number two RB with our second 1st round pick at 31 was almost unbelievable! So far so good…

Now I’m not going through all the picks one by one but overall I’d say we’ve had a good draft and with some solid free agency dealings we could be a playoff team again. I say could because nothing is certain. Our divisional rivals haven’t done much to cover themselves in glory, maybe apart from Minkah Fitzpatrick, so topping the division can be done again but getting to an eighth championship game might be a struggle.

Tom Brady has committed to at least two more years and with him and Bill, anything is possible but apart from Gronkowski, there’s very little star talent to receive the ball. It’ll be the usual running back by committee and dragging 3 star receivers up to 5 star standards. Edelman will hopefully be back fighting fit for the new season and Hogan could be the shining star, shining brighter than everyone else. Here’s hoping anyway. There’s certainly no talk of 19-0 this year!

This is just a short, “get back on the horse”, blog for now and I know I need to up my game and produce more content for your eyes to read. Trying to balance family life with work and hobbies can be difficult for the best of them and all I can do is try.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to write snippets of my life as well as Patriots chat or just stick to the topic in hand 🙂

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