The off-season and pre-season review

So…the season is almost here, which means there’s been the off-season. OTA’s, draft, signees and cuts…not all in that order.

Going in to the new season I’m very excited. I have to be. I’m a Patriot. It’s in our blood is it not? However, the receiving core is a bit frightening in a bad way. Having Dorsett and Patterson as WR1 and 2 is a bit daunting BUT there’s Chris Hogan and Edelman (from game 5). And another plus is there’s no Kenny Britt.

The preseason games are a source of controversy for many but when I see what it means to the fringe players on a series like Hard Knocks it’s hard to justify getting rid of them, or scaling them down to reduce the number played. I understand the impact they have on players who go through season ending injuries but what’s the alternative? How do you judge talent on the cusp of making the 53-man roster? Flag football would just be plain weird with full gear on! And besides, you wouldn’t see a gut-busting run from your third string quarterback otherwise!

I was surprised to see Danny Etling fall to the 7th round but pleased we picked him up. He’s looking like a dynamic player with a bright future and being able to learn from the greatest QB ever will never be a bad thing.

This is a short blog, since the season is upon us. Having a baby and family life to juggle makes me forget to blog as often but I’m determined to make that change and up the content. Most things have been said now by various sources about the comings and goings between February and now. Time flies so quick that if you don’t write about it soon after, I’m not sure there’s much point regurgitating old news.

Look out for my season preview and week 1 preview coming out before Sunday against the Texans.

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