Jaguars – Review & Josh Gordon

So…you’ve probably read a million reviews by now or listened to podcasts that have all said similar things and I’m in agreement with pretty much all of it.

We stuffed the inside and dared Bortles to go over the top and make throws and guess what? He made throws. It was said last season and this that as long as the Jags are in front then they can trundle along and win most times but they’d struggle from behind. Well they commanded this one…and then some. There were mistakes made that will hopefully be ironed out such as Gilmore getting beat by Moncrief for the TD (which I believe should never have happened) but one thing I’m not sure anyone could’ve banked on was the game Corey Grant would have.

Grant freewheeled out of the backfield in acres of space far too often, where I think most of us thought that would be Yeldon’s job since he’s not great at charging down the middle, breaking tackles. If they (The Jags) can keep up the dynamism when Fournette is back then they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

I thought the we had the possibility to go 0-2 to start the season so to come out 1-1 isn’t the worst that could happen. Watson just wasn’t at the races and keep up the offence’s end of the bargain that the defence were trying to forge. Jacksonville has not been a sanctuary for the Jags in recent seasons but Doug Marrone looks to change that and wins against the Patriots will push that mindset to the forefront.

Going forward I saw promising signs from Sony Michel – who I don’t think anyone expected to play – and along with Burkhead and White our running game is good but not great. For as high a draft pick as Michel was, he doesn’t come across as the studd back like Kareem Hunt or Le’Veon Bell. Maybe we can steal him in the next off-season?!

The receiving corps has expanded and contracted this week with the addition of the notorious Josh Gordon and release of Corey Coleman (although he has since been signed to the practice squad). Gordon will go straight in to reps and more likely than not, be featured heavily on Sunday Night Football. He’ll stretch the field and create opportunities but I’ve still got that niggling feeling that he is a trash can fire waiting to blow.

Who says “The Hoody” has some devine right to shake him like a stick and get all the bad stuff out of him? He’s clearly an addict and only addicts can help addicts. They have to cry for help before others can help them. It’s a gamble worth taking but whether the lights and sounds will signal a jackpot win, I’m not so sure. The House always wins at the end of the day and in this instance, Gordon’s substance abuse is the House.

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