The season is over…

So the season is over and it’s time for reflection. Did we fail? I think so. Do you think we failed? comment below.

I think the Patriots failed because the goal at the start of the season was to win Super Bowl 52. Did the team win Super Bowl 52? No. Therefore the season was a failure. It’s like aiming to lose 2st by summer before your holiday but you only lost a stone and a half. It’s like a recovering alcoholic being 500 days sober but having a drink on day 501. You would class them as achievements but the objective was a failure.

Where did it all go wrong? Benching Butler and not letting him play a snap in the big game? Losing Edleman to an ACL before the season has even begun? The captain of the defence getting injured 5 games in to the campaign? Or was it Marcus Cannon getting injured against the Chargers and then officially going on IR in December, ending his season there and then. In all honesty, it’s all of the above and probably a little bit more.

They managed without Gronk last year, so they can manage without Edelman this season was my thoughts. Plus we got Cooks and Hogan and Danny Playoff as decent replacements so not such a problem there. Now everyone says the defence was the obvious issue and I would agree. Hightower is my favourite player and a linchpin of that D, so for me, he was probably the biggest loss but that’s more of a personal opinion than maybe actual fact. Van Noy stepped up in huge ways when required and with Hightower back next season, I think the pairing will be a formidable force next season.

Moving forward for next season the defence needs bolstering and with Matty P off to the city of Motown it’ll be interesting to see who steps in to his shoes. My long shot is Belichick’s son, Steve and any slim chance Butler was going to stay in New England will be gone with it.

Thanks for reading and please check back in for more posts as the weeks and months go on.